Why does Your business need a website?

Why does Your business need a website?

Since opening OJM Web Design, I have had the same question repeatedly in every meeting / consultation. The question is: “Why does my business need a website?”. This question is very common and I completely get why you may want to ask it!

So, why does your business need a website??

  • •It creates better brand awareness (familiarity of your business and its visual identities) for your business.
  • •A well-designed website targets a wider audience
  • •A unique, aesthetically-pleasing website makes you stand out from similar businesses in a specific area.
  • •Improves customer service and gives customers the information they need to visit / contact you.

There are many more reasons why a business needs a website but they are some of the common reasons as to why a business needs a website. To support my opinion, here are some statistics.

•75% of consumers admit to making strong judgements on a business based on its website design.

•Only 78% of small businesses have a business website.

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